Since 1985, the Birmingham Venture Club has been focusing on just one goal: creating an atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurial development and investment. The club does this in three ways:
  • Educating interested persons about the purpose and benefits of venture capital;
  • Creating a network for the exchange of information between investors, entrepreneurs and professionals serving these groups; and,
  • Stimulating investment capital for ventures that are developed in the Birmingham community.

Birmingham Venture Club meetings are structured around a speaker who is a prominent entrepreneur, venture capitalist or other pertinent professional. Meetings are designed to provide a suitable atmosphere for the exchange of information and the development of a network for business relationships.

The club is a 501(c)6 non-profit corporation registered in the State of Alabama.



If you have plans to develop a new business and are looking for methods of financing that business, then the Birmingham Venture Club may be the place for you. Attending meetings will give you a greater understanding of what it takes to build a successful business. Whether you plan to grow an existing company or to launch a new one, attending the meetings enables you to network and increase your ability to attract investment capital.

Attending Birmingham Venture Club meetings enables you to become aware of new ground floor investment opportunities emerging on the Birmingham scene. You meet the people who are launching new businesses as well as those ready to take their businesses another step forward. The speakers share their strategies for success, and contacts made at the meetings can lead to profit-making opportunities.

Anyone interested in the entrepreneurial or venture capital process is welcome at Birmingham Venture Club meetings: accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, representatives of governmental business support programs, corporate managers, business academics, and other business advisors. The Birmingham Venture Club encourages membership for anyone who can help make the deals that create new businesses, new jobs, and new economic strength in the Birmingham area.

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